Frequently Asked Questions


< How can I reset my username and password?

Go to the home page and click on Forgot your username? or Forgot your password? You then need to submit the e-mail address that you have used to create your student account. If you forgot your initial e-mail address, please contact us via the Live Chat Helpdesk.


< When I stop the course, can I continue the course at a later moment on the same slide were I was?

Yes, but only if you work on the same device. The course saves a temporary file on your PC and uses that as a reference to continue where you were at your last visit. Make sure you have not deleted your temporary files or your internet history. The last section you have visited in indicated with an "eye" symbol.


< How can I continue the course when I revisit the training platform?

You click on the last session that shows the "eye" symbol. Click on the course contents, and the slide will start with a pop-up window, that asks you if you would like to continue where you were. Unfortunatelly this does not work on Ipads or Iphones.


< The training video does not load, what can I do?

Your internet download speed is too low. The videos are also published as zip download file. Go to the navigation bar in the course window and click on Supporting documents to download the videos.


< I have completed all the training slides and passed the exam but do not see a certificate?

The systems stores the training pages you have visted in your student account. Most probably you have stopped inbetween training sessions, or experienced an internet connection failure. To receive your certificate, go through the training sections (not training pages) by using the top level navigation bar "next button" from the first section on, until the last section. Your account will then recognize that all lessons were completed and the certificate will appear in your account. If this is still not the case, please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..